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Thought Revolution


Time has come and things are going to happen.  The only question is whether we will be part of it or not

‘Humans can fly’ – This was something beyond the imagination of humanity at large. It was during that phase in history that Wright brothers began their experiments in Aerospace Engineering and tried to build working models of airplanes. This attempt by the Wright brothers was considered a senseless, illogical and impossible fantasy. But Wright brothers succeeded in their attempts and were able to fly only for few minutes initially. But, all of us know the sophisticated technology that has developed based on that humble beginning. We can now perennially stay in space provided we can somehow refuel the aircraft. This goes to prove that sincere and consistent effort bya  negligible percent of humanity can change the destiny of humanity.  Similarly, if a few hundreds across the globe can resonate to the thought of “heaven on earth”, then it will turn out to be a reality very soon.

In this case, it is going to be much simpler as Gurudev has already finished the work, encapsulated the formula and kept the practical seeds of “Thought Revolution” in 20 books of Kranthi Dharmi Sahitya(KDS). Let us understand this with this simple example - Once Einstein came up with E=mc2 formula, it can be used by anyone in the world, wherever they might be.  There’s no need to do all the hard work again and reinvent the formula as laws of nature (electricity, light, magnetism etc) never change.   All they have to do is to just use the formula. 

Present humanity has completely understood the physical laws.  However, there are mental and emotional laws that have to be understood.  These are as scientific and as accurate as any other physical or scientific law.  There are 20 laws in mental plane.  There is nothing else to know other than these 20 laws.  After these 20 laws the natural jump is to Divine plane, a higher plane.  In science all the laws of physical matter ended after Einstein.  It’s ‘energy’ after that.  Similarly, after these 20 mental laws a natural jump is to Divine plane, higher plane.   Just like how Einstein’s E=mc2 changed matter into energy, Gurudev’s 20 books will change human into Divine. 

In intuitional or mental plane, things will happen immediately or in couple of seconds but it will take some time to descend into physical plane.  A mathematics student can immediately tell how many questions he can answer as soon as he looks at the question paper.  However, it will take some time to put the answers that are already in the mental plane(mind) on a piece of paper.  So it can be understood very clearly that what took just a couple of seconds in the mental plane took a while to descend onto the physical plane.   It will depend on one’s interest on how quickly things will descend onto the physical plane after they are created in mental plane.  If there’s no interest they will not even descend, even after being created! 

Gurudev has already finished the work in the mental plane.  He created a New Era, a Golden Age for entire humanity.  Now the only work we have to do is to descend it onto this physical plane, onto this earth.   As it has already happened in the mental plane and as it is the sankalpa of Mahakal, it is inevitably going to descend.  In this scenario, when we know for sure that it is going to happen we can work without any fear, doubt or dis-belief.  Sri Krishna too said the same thing to Arjuna on the battle field of Kurukshetra:  “It has already happened; I have already finished it and made the throne ready.  It is up to you to decide if you will fight this battle that has already been won and claim the benefits or let go of this opportunity.” 

New era, a golden age is going to dawn in 2012.  When I said Gurudev did it, do not think that it’s only Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya.  Understand that it is the work of all the Gurus that culminated in Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya, just like the work of many scientists culminated in Einstein.   While studying books written by Pujya Gurudev, we might need to refer to the books by other Gurus. But bear in mind that this is only to gain more clarity and not for correctness or any proof of formula.  Formula is very clear and the laws are very clear.  Sometimes we might have to read other books to understand the laws.  We might need to read about energy, mass and light from books written by other scientists before we understand Einstein’s E=mc2. But the formula is Einstein’s.