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Effect of thoughts on water and other elements

There have been several experiments on the effects of human mind on the five elements of nature. One such interesting experiment on water was conducted by Dr. Masaru Emoto a famous scientist in Japan. Dr. Emoto wanted to test if the vibrations produce any changes in the inherent structure of water. The results of the experiment were stunning. Water reacted in a very physical way to the thoughts directed towards it.

Dr.Emoto started off by subjecting water to different types of vibrations. He collected water in different containers and exposed them to different sounds. One set of containers were exposed to positive thoughts like love, compassion, prayer and peace. The music used for this purpose was taken from Buddhist Dhammapada, Beethoven's symphonies and Tibetan sutras. He also chanted words like "Thank You", "Love", "Mother Teresa" with great feeling in front of the container for a few minutes. After this, the water in the container was frozen and the molecular structure was photographed with a high resolution dark field microscope.  Some of the images taken are shown below.

Tibetan Sutra


Another set of containers were subjected to negative thoughts. Sound chosen for this purpose was heavy metal music, phrases like "I want to kill you", "Hitler" etc. The same procedure of freezing the water and taking a photograph of the crystalline structure resulted in the following photographs.

Heavy metal music


Dr.Emoto found the results to be similar when negative and positive words were written down on a piece of paper and stuck to the container. Even without subjecting the water to sounds, just the words written on the paper changed the molecular structures.

The experiment went onto show that just by mere repetition for a time on a container of water produced drastic results. Now imagine this scenario, human body is made of 70% of water. We have in our power to change the constitution and alignment of our physical body by what we think. Positive thoughts like chanting of mantras, listening to meditative and soothing music, thinking of peace and happiness for everyone results in not only changing ourselves but also the environment.

Ancient Indian sages knew this and for this reason realized several Divine sounds in their meditation and offered this formula to elevate one's consciousness. Gayatri Mantra which is often referred to as the King amongst the mantras has this capability to link us with the higher realm.

Mantras not only affect water (as was shown in the experiment), but also create similar changes in other principle elements of fire, air, ether and earth. The process of yagna utilizes the fire principle which accepts materials to purify and cleanse the environment in a similar manner.

Another takeaway from this experiment is that the impact of spiritual photographs of Divine persons (or spiritual words) is not to be trivialized. The process of energizing the water, also known as teertham in Indian temples continues to this day. All these modern day experiments not only corroborate to what ancient sages knew but also blur the distinction between science and spirituality.


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