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Formula of Gayatri Mantra

Gayatri is a kind of formula for using the energy of sun for the sustenance of life. This formula should be understood and used practically to overcome disease, old age and death. That is the purpose of the energy generated by Gayatri.Gayatri is to life what the Ohms law (V=IR) is to electricity. Electricity is used everywhere. Every single modern invention owes it to electricity, be it computers, telephony or whatever.. Electricity is energy, but it has to be manifested through some practical application to be useful. Other wise it is just there useless! Do you say that there was no
electricity in Nature before it was discovered by Man? It is the same with Gayatri. It is a form of energy waiting to be applied, waiting to be useful to man-kind.

Gayatri is not a lady, mind you! It is all pervading life energy!Repeating blindly the Gayatri mantra is of as much use as repeating ohms law to generate electricity! You have to know the practical applicability of the Gayatri mantra and use it. Learn the formula and apply in life. You have to discover new areas where and how Gayatri can be used once the concept is learnt. Otherwise it is like a doctor becoming an actor. You learnt it and you know it but you don't apply it! It is of no use to anybody.

Once Gaytri is learnt, there should be a change in the way of thinking and way of life. Change in the thinking process is the proof that you have really learnt it. An engineer, a doctor, a businessman, each has an underlying way of thinking! The person's thinking before studying MBBS and after does not remain the same. It transforms. A new perspective/under current is added. That stream of thought remains in the background whatever day-to-day activity they may be performing.Studying Gayatri also should bring about such change in student. Studying medicine makes one a doctor, physics makes one physicist and chemistry makes one chemist. Similarly, studying gayatri should make you a more complete human being, who has won over disease, old-age and death! That is the aim of Gayatri and proof that you have learnt it.By disease, it is not just physical malfunction, it is dis-ease! Any kind of dis-comfort in daily life should be removed. This can be done by following "tat savituh varenyam" which can be translated as "I emulate the sun".

Quality of the sun changes every month. Sun has a daily cycle, monthly cycle as well as a yearly cycle. We all know this. It also has 11/22 year cycle, which is out of scope now. The yearly cycle begins when sun enters mesha rasi at Yugadi. Hindu Yugadi is no ordinary new year. It has greater significance than that. Hence it is called Yug+aadi and not samvasthara+aadi. It is called beginning of an "era" and not a "year".Now let us understand what this "era"is. When a great personality like Akbar or Gandhi dies, it is called end of an era. Which means, an end of a way of life/thinking. Era means a specific and special way of thinking that remains as an undercurrent irrespective of what we do. Gandhi's was an era of non-voilence, Akbar's was an era of religious tolerance. That's an era. So how do we change it every year? Simple, it needs to be changed in the same way as a student's thought process changes from a class to class every year. A student in 4th class will not have the same way of thinking he had in 3rd class. Which means his "way of thinking changed", which means his "era" changed. An undercurrent for the doctor's way of thinking is "curing disease or cause of disease". We see doctors talk about it every where, at home/movie theaters/hotels, everywhere. The undercurrent of a business man is "profit". The undercurrent of an engineer is "logic of manipulation of material". Civil engineer manipulates sand, Electronics engineer manipulates silicon. So these are the undercurrents of thought that you have developed over a period of time through rigorous education and by gradual changing of "way of thinking" year after year! But when it comes to Gayatri, you want miracles overnight! You do it for a month and say "I did it, but it doesn't work!"

PKFz may cost 12.5 billion at

PKFz may cost 12.5 billion at asvab the end of repayment period but its value may be more than 12.5 billion at that time. if we have not constructed KLCC, it would cost us more now to build. R we not ged test proud of KLCC the twin tower. uncle kit siang please just be usmle fair and not so vengeful. be magnanimous. to be a stateman you got to behave like one. Being an opposition leader does not give you the god damn right to condemn everyone and everything under the skies. Please spend more time teaching your son how to stand up to DSAI first uncle kit siang. i braindumps think he needs a "tongkat". At least OTK got the courage to make change and be progressive.

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