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Science of Sound - Part 2

This is the second part of the series on the science of sound. In part 1 we pondered on the  question if sound is really the basis of this universe. Also we learnt about this new exciting field of studying the science of "vibration creating form" known as cymatics. Hans Jenny, the pioneer of this science, scientifically went on to show that particles on a vibrating membrane when tuned to a certain frequency began creating form which could possibly explain the creation of planets, galaxies and possibly humans.

But as is often the case, there are skeptics for any new theory unless there is a basis of a strong theoretical framework backed up by experimental evidence. That is exactly where the world of physics is currently being turned upside down. Physicist now are dumbfound that there indications that there are more dimensions in space (as many as 11) than the 4 dimensions that we are aware of (3 dimensions of space and time). However the most striking discoveries that are being made in Theoretical Physics is that the universe is made of vibrating strands of energy known as strings and this theory known as string theory strives to explain the way why the universe is the way it is and how it brings about the Unified field theory that Einstein strived for 30 years. This also is the basis for the philosophy of Nada Brahma or the model of sound as the basis for the universe propounded by mystics from India thousands of years ago.

Genius of Einstein and the mysteries of the quantum world

Before delving further into this topic, lets back up and little bit and see how physics in the early 20th century underwent a revolution because a quiet patent clerk from Germany.  We all know Albert Einstein for the famous E=M(c)^2 equation which was just one of his contributions. His influence was profound i many more ways as to how we think about the universe and about the concept of space and time. Since we are talking only about the science of sound here, lets limit our discussion to his theory of General Relativity. General Theory of Relativity (not to be confused with Special theory of relativity) combined gravity with spacetime. In simplistic terms, the theory proves that space can be stretched, warped or bent provided there is sufficient mass.

Einstein said that the whole universe can be thought of existing on a spacetime fabric, that is, any event can be described as a particular point in space at a given time. The figure below describes his equations in an elegant manner how bodies in the universe exist and without going into the complex mathematics, this explains gravity geometrically. This appealed immensely with cosmologists by explaining passages of time, geometry of space and the propagation of light.

Spacetime fabric of Einstein

However in late 1920s there was this new science of the microscopic world that collided with Einstein's theory head on. It was called Quantum physics. The world of subatomic particles acted in a crazy wild way. Scientists like Neils Bohr and Heisenberg showed that there is no way we can accurately predict how and where a subatomic particle exists. We could only predict its probability of it being there and there was a probability that it could also exist at two places at the same time. The universe of subatomic particles was extremely jittery and noisy.

Crazy world of Quantum Physics

Einstein did not like this behavior of the subatomic particles and went about searching for a theory that would bind the two worlds of the microscopic and the macroscopic. In fact, later in his career he became a recluse and spent almost 30 years of his career searching for an answer. He did come close but did not succeed.

String theory - science or philosophy?

Starting late 1960s and after a flurry of activity in the 90s, physicists strived to combine these two worlds by developing a new framework called string theory. This is where things get interesting. They say that everything in the universe is elegant and is basically composed of vibrating strands of energy called strings. Just like sound from a musical instrument like a violin vibrates at a fixed note, different strings vibrate at different rates to form different substances. For example strings in a rock vibrate at a different frequency than strings in a desk. In fact, we humans are also made up of these cosmic strings and vibrate at a specific frequency.

String theory also predicts the existence of several additional dimensions (see the first figure at the starting of this blog) of space. In essence this comes increasingly close to what mystics from India have always described since ages. Modern science has been converging with the ideas espoused by spirituality for the past few decades. The lines between what is science and what is philosophy are being blurred and fading.  

Mantras - Divine Sound

The Indian philosophy and science of spirituality describes a unique cosmic energy – the Supreme Consciousness, as immanent in every form of life and physical energy. This omnipresent subliminal energy is said to have generated from Divine Sound (Nada). The eternal source of this cosmic sound is Om. According to the ancient philosophy of mysticism,  Sound is eternal and is the fundamental perpetual force that effectuated the creation of the universe. The blueprint of any event that is going to happen anywhere in the cosmic expansion first occurs in the form of the vibrations of sound.

Spiritual scientists were able to ‘perceive’ these subliminal vibrations and could therefore ‘visualize’ the future events with ease. The sole aim of their experiments with the mantras was – cognition of the absolute truth and using its ultimate knowledge for divine illumination of the world. They identified sound as effective modes of linkage between the individual consciousness in the mortal world and the divine realms of supreme consciousness.

Our body is defined in the ancient scriptures as a manifestation of specific reactions of sound (Sabda). With this perceptions, the rhythmic cascade of bodily functions could be termed as a bio-swing, moving according to the set frequency (like that of a radio) of Sabda. When all the components of this gigantic ‘sonic’ device of our body (and mind) are harmonized, we are in fine health and mood and work in perfection according to its natural frequency.

In the next part let us look at the finer aspects of the power of mantras and how certain sounds affect the human physiology, mind and the key to cognize them to reach out to Divine consciousness.


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