Spiritual Fragrance

Spiritual Fragrance is a monthly newsletter which focusses on revealing spiritual topics from a scientific perspective. The magazine presents age old truths propounded by spiritual scientists in the light of new scientific tools, techniques and discoveries.

Spiritual Fragrance is an initiative of Thought Revolution that aims in
- Bringing a revolution in the way we think and thereby realize Divinity on earth.
- Shed light on spiritual topics in liue of new scientific discoveries
- Propogate the Science of Gayatri, which is not only a mantra (as commonly thought) but a lifestyle that transforms us into Divine persona.

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In this issue:

1. Eternal law of karma - Part VII

2. Extrasensory potentials of the mind - Part VII

3.Experience and Expression of Conscious Forms of Energy - Dr.Pranav Pandya

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A continuous flow of powerful literature dealing with the science of revolutions flowed from the pen of the great revolutionary visionary Pandit . Sriram Sharma Acharya a year before his “Mahaprayaan” (1989 – 1990) which has now become famous as “Kranti dharmi sahitya “. According to our most adorable Master Pandit Sriram Sharma Acharya himself told, these 20 books are – “The seeds of my “THOUGHT REVOLUTION” (Vichara Kranthi).
If even a few of these seeds are scattered they will shake the people out of their slumber. They will change the map of the world.” If the whole literature of the YugaRishi written in His entire lifetime dealing right from the art of living to very deep philosophical intricacies, social restructuring, scientific religion etc., be placed on one side of the scales and if these 20 books written following the style of aphorisms (heavily condensed Thought - Capsules) of the sages be placed on the other, these will outweigh them – Pt.Sriram Sharma Acharya.

Param Pujya Gurudev, the founder of Gayatri parivar has given clear instructions that anyone can print and distribute this priceless literature at cost following the norm “No profit – No loss”. This is the first book from the set of 20 Kranthi Dharmi Sahitya.