Posted 11/21/2008 - 23:19 by Thought revolution

Why do we need a Thought revolution?


Why do we need to change the way we think?

Some may say, they are really happy with their lives. But are we really happy? These days no one is immune from stress and strain or the vagaries of work pressure and uncertain environments.  Even though someone is really satisfied with their individual lives, society as a whole is undergoing so much turmoil. Are we happy that there is still so much poverty in the world, that there is so much violence and bloodshed in the world?  Can we do something about it? Can we achieve real peace and happiness or is it just a utopian dream that is just reserved for pretentious pageants in a beauty contest.


Change we can!

This was a wonderful year that saw the election of an African American as the President of the United States. As his campaign stated “Change we can”, the collective consciousness of the masses attuned to this chant brought so much energy to his campaign. Similarly, it is not beyond the capability of mankind to leap to higher levels of consciousness and get rid of this current mess if all of us resolve to move towards the common goal and absolving ourselves of negativity.


Change begins at the individual level.  We affect our immediate environment when we change ourselves. A mother at home can change a family of four, a boss at work can change at least ten people, a teacher can change a hundred lives and a local politician can affect thousands. So, it is not right to trivialize the influence of a single person on affecting change.


How can we change our destiny?

Any thought we put in motion, initiates an action. If the action is repeated, it becomes a habit. Habits are the basis for character. An individual’s (or nation’s or society’s) character affects his destiny. So, it is pretty logical to point out that a revolution in thought leads to a change in destiny and mass upheaval. Gandhi was so right when he said “Be the change you want to see in the world” and was a perfect example of how his life changed the destiny of a nation.



Have we ever wondered why gold is found in lumps at a particular region or why even small periodic changes at resonant frequencies lead to huge amplitude changes? It is because of the law of attraction. Like begets like. would like to be that catalyst which can attract a community of like- minded people whose intention is to get attuned to the thoughts of great spiritual Masters of all traditions. The activities and thoughts of all Masters is the same and for the greater good of mankind and hopefully this site will at least be a small step in their grand divine plan.